Ride Safety
If any incident occurs resulting in an injury or disabled bike call 843-619-7542 for assistance.  If an injury appears serious and requires emergency medical attention call 911 immediately and then call 843-619-7542.

Many riders in a large event will seek out a paceline moving at a speed that is comfortable for them. You can join one of our pace groups and ride at a speed you enjoy.   But some riders are not accustomed to being in a paceline and their unexpected behavior can result in a crash.  It is essential that all riders in a paceline ride in a very predictable way.  So, we ask all riders, especially those who don’t regularly ride in a paceline to review and follow the “Paceline Rules”, which you can access with this link. Coastal Cyclists - Pacelines 101

We will have “ride guides", which are cyclists who have agreed to lead a paceline at a predetermined pace on the full century and metric century routes.  They will have signs at the start announcing what their group will do.  If you want to maintain a pace that is being offered, just find that leader at the start and stay with him/her.  Be sure to choose a group riding a speed you can maintain for the entire ride.  If you can't keep up with that pace, there will likely be a slower group who will come along behind you that you can join.

We will try to mark obstructions such as holes, bumps, ruts, etc.  You will see a pink X well in advance of the obstruction and another just before it.  When you see the first X point to bring it to the attention of other riders, and gradually move to either side so you and any rider following you has time to gradually move over so no one will hit it. But always stay vigilant for obstructions that are new or that we didn't notice!

If you’re riding with a group, decide ahead of time which rest stops you’re stopping at. There will be signs telling you that a rest stop is coming in 1 mile.  Use that time to decide with friends whether you will stop.  This avoids the last minute conversations near the rest stop, where some folks are stopping and others continuing on.  

If you're riding with one of our "ride guides" ask him/her which rest stops, in any, will be passed up.
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